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In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the Auror Profession has the most straightforward Skill Tree progression compared to the other Professions. However, there are some pitfalls you could make with your scrolls early on in the game. Furthermore, Restricted Section Book spending could also go wrong. To save you the stress of having to choose your skills yourself, I took the time to break down the math to choose for you!

Strongest Profession In The Game? Auror Guide!

Don’t know which skills to choose? Too many paths to consider? Check out this guide on how to build/use the Profession: Auror in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite there are a ton of skills to choose from. Clearly few of them are complete garbage. 2 such garbage skills are Precision and Critical Power. Given how poorly their Scroll cost scales with their average Power gains, they just aren’t worth it. Warn your Aurors, warn your Magizoologists, and warn your Professors to avoid these skills as much as possible. In the case of the Auror Profession, they do become somewhat worth it later on, but overall the skills are bad.

👉👉****PLEASE READ****👈👈 The GamePress Auror Skill Tree was missing a branch that connected the Power skills on the Right Tree. It is more optimal to AVOID the left branch, and go to the right in order to access the Power skills. So it’s better advice to just put 1 in Precision and Critical Power skills to get to the Power skills sooner. Sorry for any inconvenience here! I’ll be making an Auror Guide to rectify this issue. Because of how YT works, taking down/redoing this video doesn’t make sense 😅 As far as Stamina vs Power goes, at this moment is appears a superior offense > a solid defense.


This is very inaccurate. The general information is ok but that site isnt showing that the defense breach skill and the 2 other power skills are all connected to that power skill below the crit damage node. The most efficient damage boost against all opponents is defense breach and its locked by the right side of the tree. I am a lvl 21 Auror my friend is lvl 24 auror he did the tree the way you are recommending and he does far worse than me in a solo fortress. I can solo lvl 7 with no potions he can barely solo lv 6 because he lacks the damage output that I have. He has around 150 stamina mines still the base 100. Also the restricted section books are needed for the passive abilities which wasn’t shown in the video but those books aren’t even currently available yet so dancing with dummies isn’t even available

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