Which Profession to choose in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Which is the best Profession in Wizards Unite? Is it the all powerful Auror? Or the tanky Magizoologist? Or perhaps the all-rounded Professor? Harry, Hagrid and McGonagall are the representatives of these professions and today I explain the pros & cons of all 3 professions!

Professor 👩‍🏫 seemed the coolest option and who doesn’t like McGonagall??

Don’t know which skills to choose? Too many paths to consider? Check out this guide on how to build/use the Profession: Auror in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Here’s the difference between the professions/classes: Auror, Magizoologist & Professor in Harry Potter Wizards Unite! And how to level them up!

What say users:

Join that Professor life!! 😉 definitely will be my main, but I’m super interested in how the other professions play out. can’t wait to play!

Auror! All professions are great, but I want to dish out the damage!

I think Auror is very good in my opinion

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Part 2 – Choosing a Profession!
Best Profession To Use In Wizards Unite!

I feel focusing on two skills and one of them being Magizoologist. Start with Auror or Professor because you can solo better I bet. Then in a group setting switch to Magi.

That’s not good news. I’d rather the skill tree be limited and players unique roles. Or limited shared. Good at charma with dabble in potions. But not being able to be great at potions. They are being too broad and general. Being able to change houses? What. Being everything. Smh muggles.

My professional part will be sending Harry Potter to the Shadow Realm.

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